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"I highly recommend Zoe Green. She is an enthusiastic and caring instructor. Her visualizations and sense of humour are always entertaining, and her many techniques to keep students involved attest to her creativity and experience. She shares ideas applicable both in and beyond the class, and is a natural teacher who is humble yet strong and wise beyond her years."

— Professor Joel Friedman, Mathematics and Computer Science, UBC


“Zoe’s Hurts So Good tool is the simplest, most effective (by far!) tool I have ever used for deep muscle tension release. Where has this BEEN all my life?! As a result of working on my feet all day, having to constantly engage my hip flexors, glute stabilizers and Q-L muscles, I have struggled with daily glute pain and spasm for years. My glutes, hips and Q-L were so tight that I couldn’t even swing my knees side-to-side in yoga’s windshield washer move without pain.

Regular deep tissue massage (including cupping) has been ineffective (and expensive!), golf ball point-massage has been incredibly painful, and muscle rollers have been too big to get at the angle of some of the deeper muscles involved (ex. piriformis).

Within just three sessions of using the Hurts So Good Method I felt an incredible release of deep tissue tightness. The muscles felt looser, my left hemi-pelvis relaxed, and I felt so much lighter. Unlike cupping and hard ball massage, there was NO bruising. This tool is lightweight, portable, inexpensive, simple and BRILLIANT.

Thank you, Zoe, for your help, this great tool, and the brilliant effect that it’s had on my quality of life.”

- Dr. Elizabeth DeBruyne



On this Episode of What About Me, in Part 1 of this 3 Part Series, Keisha chats with special guest, Zoe Green, as Zoe Discusses Habits And Goals: Getting Clear On What You Want.

Zoe Green is an LCI Certified Life Coach, offering Positive Neuroplasticity Life Coaching based on the proven work of Dr. Shad Helmstetter & Dr. Rick Hansen.

In addition to life coaching Zoe is also an Intermittent Fasting Coach and a highly experienced Private Yoga, Meditation And Fitness Trainer for elite professionals. Zoe has been ranked as one of the top teachers in Canada, featured in American health magazines, and is soon to join with an international production company to launch a new youtube channel featuring her fitness, mediation and yoga videos….