Three Wellness at Work Class Options



Easy and effective. With no need to change, we wear our office clothes and sit in chairs. This class is very convenient and can be done in almost any room. Sessions run 30-45 minutes and fit easily into the workday. This is our most popular choice.



Another very popular choice. Participants change into comfortable clothes and usually bring a mat, though we can provide some if needed. All levels are always welcome from the stiffest old desk jockey to the most flexible young intern. The sessions are designed to be revitalizing, aim to heal common physical pain, and leave participants feeling focused and fresh.


PILATES & CORE                            

These fun filled sessions are challenging, energizing and highly rewarding. Participants laugh out loud and bond together as they grumble about their sore muscles. But they keep coming because their backs and bodies feel so much better! Packed with invigorating challenges - Pilates is fun!